Microsoft O365

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Conceptual Creative & Digital
My Role
Sr. Copywriter

How well do you know your team?

“Help remote workers find the right Office 365 tool for them.”

The Office 365 team created an e-book describing the six personas of remote workers and the O365 apps best suited for them. We were tasked with developing an online quiz that would help C-level executives and small business owners determine what persona best matched their remote workforce. As a result of the quiz, users would be able to download the e-book for more information.

Instead of providing a straightforward quiz, we presented three concepts–designed to enhance the users experience and engage them in an informative, entertaining way.

Concept 1

What’s your team made of?

Concept 2

The Subconscious Workforce 

Concept 3

The Workforce Ecosystem

Final Concept

The Subconscious Workforce

Results Cards

(Possible Persona Choices)